The Social Selling Index SSI is not for you!

Today I’m going to write about the SSI, which is the Social Selling Index. And I’m going to show you that the SSI most probably is not for you.

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Profile view on my LinkedIn Profile

Here’s the thing. I’m going to show you something. I have had here the people that had visited my profile and as you can clearly see, it has been crazy.

LinkedIn Profilansichten 768x317 1

It has been ups and downs and the entire week and the entire last month it was like crazy as hell. It didn’t matter about what I wrote or when I wrote or how many people interacted with my content. People like going onto my profile was really bad.

And you can clearly see that it was going really good and really up until some point and suddenly the algorithm changes and you can now see that it went all south.

Social Selling Index and the Sales Navigator

Now, since this article is about the SSI, I’m gonna show you one thing.

In the video that is embedded in this article you can see that I show the Sales Navigator live, because I also heard from a lot of people that they do fake things.

LinkedIn Sales Navigator 768x76 1

This is my LinkedIn Sales Navigator and we’re gonna go straight ahead to my Social Selling Index.

Now I have shown you actually that my visitors were going up and down. I will also show you the amount of people that had seen my post recently. I will go into that in 1 second. I can now show you, although it’s in German that I have a Social Selling Index from 87.

Social Selling Index 2 768x274 1

Activities on my LinkedIn profile

Now if I show you right here right there and it’s like all about my activities, it’s all my post that I have published recently. You will see that it’s nothing really outstanding.

Today’s post was 1500.  

Todays LinkedIn Post

Then I have the post, the post that I have published I think it was on Tuesday. Yes, it’s two days old.  It’s 3400.

Post Tuesday

The one on Monday was a little bit better – better  when it comes to like reach – 9500.

Post Monday

And the more I go down, you will see it’s always kind of the same ish so it’s like and you can see also right here: This is 600.

Not so much reach

So this is not that huge when it comes to reach.

Now you might ask yourself, so what does it have to be to do with the Social Selling Index and what shall I use instead?

What the Social Selling Index is about

The Social Selling Index is made from people somewhere and not only one person. It’s most probably 100 people working on these algorithms telling you what the Social Selling is about. We’re talking 764,000,000 LinkedIn users.

This is one index for basically everyone on LinkedIn.

Now I want you to tell me, please, if you can down below on the comments: 

Why are people taking care about an index that is not made specifically for them?

And when it comes to you, this is the same question.

Why would you take care? Or why would you be so excited about an index that it’s not made specifically for you?

Your content and the Social Selling index

Now, your content on the other hand, if we go right here to your LinkedIn activity profile, you can clearly see: this is the content you did. These are the people interacting or having at least seen your content.

You can see if the content that you are writing is somehow relevant for your network or not.

From my point of view, forget about the Social Selling Index, and please concentrate and focus much more on not only how many people did like it, because also like – a like is really easily done.

I’m going to show you one thing in a second when it comes to Bill Gates and what’s most important for you and for your Social Selling is not the Social Selling Index.

What you should focus on

What is really important for you is your target audience, and this is only visible when those people start communicating with you.

So if they start writing comments, if they start writing messages, if they start liking whatever your content is, if they start commenting, this is what you should take care about.

You should take care about things that you are in charge of, not on what other people have done or built or produced for you.

All right. So please don’t go down that road.

LinkedIn Profile example: Bill Gates

I’m going to show you one little thing right here. For instance, this guy here, you may know him. It’s Bill Gates. Most of the people will do. He has 34 million followers.

Bill Gates LinkedIn Profile

When I take a look at his activities, we will go right here on his activity profile. 

I can see, for example, if I take a look at his post, though he’s having 34 million followers.

And he had recently 22 hours ago, he had published something on LinkedIn.

There is 1800 people liking somehow reacting, but only 120 people commenting, see.

Bill Gates LinkedIn post reaction 120 comments

So not many people are really engaging with his content.

We don’t know what his target or what he really wants to do with this post.

What Social Selling is really about

This is just to show you that when you are doing Social Selling, when you’re looking for new customers, when you’re trying to connect, even with already existing customers, these figures is the one that you should take care about, not the one.

Not if you have 34 million. I have 7000 followers. But this is not what it is about.

It’s much more about what you write and how people interact with your content.

Even if you go through all of the things that he had been writing and publishing again, we have here, which is a buck, by the way, 80,000 views only 4000 or four and a half thousand people interacted with the like and only 236 really comment below.

Bill Gates Bug

And this is really not much. And this guy is pretty much like, let’s say he’s kind of someone. So he’s not only like you and I, like persons that are not as like, I don’t want to say a celebrity, but, well known, people. Maybe we are well known in our niche most probably. 

But I just want you to show you that the Social Selling Index is not telling you anything.

It is just something that somepeople at some point created. Maybe and most probably other people are now updating, whatever the algorithms are behind, because it’s not one algorithm.

It’s algorithms, a lot of them. And since you don’t know any of those, please do not focus on this stupid Social Selling Index.

Take it if you want, just as a let’s say as something that you can take a look at and then smile at it. But then at the end of the day, when it comes to Social Selling, please let it go.

Thank you!

If you would like to ask questions or just contacting me, you can do that right HERE.

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